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Phillies Home Performance & Games Through June


Phillies fans are happy. With the Phils offseason adjustments paying off already, Philly currently has the 7th best record in the league.

Even better than their record, the MLB predictive rankings put the Phillies at No. 5, which would be good enough to win the NL East and finish out with a 91-win season. With all of that loaded up goodness, Philadelphia is at the top of the betting odds boards to win the NL East at online sportsbooks like Bovada.

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The Phillies are on track head to the playoffs for the first time since 2011. That is if they can stay healthy and keep winning. Like any campaign, home games are a critical aspect. And at the moment, the Phils are winning at 64.3% clip at Citizens Bank Park which they’ll need to keep up and even improve upon if their 52.6% win-rate on the road continues.

But have they found their groove? They were riding a four-game win streak and looking for their fifth at Wrigley Field, until the Cubs rallied in the 9th for a 3-2 win. The victory would have been their longest streak of the 2019 season thus far.

Road Numbers vs. Home Numbers

Philadelphia Road Offense Rankings:


 -No. 15 in runs scored.

 -No. 11 in hits.

 -No. 7 in Walks

 -No. 14 in Strikeouts.

Philadelphia Road Defensive Rankings


-No. 10 in Runs Allowed.

-No. 24 in Hits Allowed.

-No. 14 in Walks.

-No. 18 in Strikeouts.

Philadelphia Home Offense Rankings


-No. 9 in runs scored.

-No. 19 in hits.

-No. 4 in Walks

-No. 13 in Strikeouts.

Philadelphia Home Defense Rankings


-No. 17 in Runs Allowed.

-No. 23 in Hits Allowed.

-No. 17 in Walks.

-No. 25 in Strikeouts.

If we were in grammar school, I’d give both the home and away numbers an NI grade. Remember those? ‘Needs Improvement’. It’s a nice way of saying you're getting a D+ and need to get up to at least a C.

The Phillies are winning more than they are losing, but they do need to pick it up, especially at home. If they don’t take the NL East, a team like the Brewers or Diamondbacks could steal their wildcard spot.

Upcoming Home Series

 -St Louis Cardinals

-Cincinnati Reds

 -Arizona Diamondbacks

 -Miami Marlins

 -NY Mets

After their stretch with the Cubbies, then the Brewers, the Phillies will be back at home for three games against the Cardinals. These are home games they must win (at least two of three). The St. Louis Cardinals need to stay towards the bottom of the NL Central because they are another team that could potentially cause problems down the road.


 After a trip to California to visit the Dodgers in LA and the Padres in San Diego, the Phillies return home to face the Reds, who despite being rock bottom in the NL Central are not a horrible team. That said, this is a chance to get three straight wins and add to the tally toward the postseason.


As we push through June, we finally see the Diamondbacks, the Marlins, and the Mets. Between both the Marlins and the Mets, if the Phils can at least win four of six (maybe even five of six), they’ll be to make up some ground on possible road losses to tough teams like the Dodgers. Plus, it goes without saying that winning in the division is paramount.

Let’s go, Phils! Start racking up those home wins!


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Photo: sports.yahoo.com