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Brett Myers and Cole Hamels at odds?

Nobody is really sure what is the deal between Brett Myers and Cole Hamels. During an exchange in the locker room last night at the World Series, Myers allegedly directed a comment at Hamels in reference to Hamels' comment Saturday night after Game 3, when Hamels said about his horrendous 2009 season: "I can't wait for it to end. It's been mentally draining."

Apparently, Hamels didn't take to kindly to Myers' comment. Some people say Myers was joking, some people say he was joking/trying to get a point across about Hamels' apparently soft exterior. Hamels has done his best to soften his stance on what was said.  Basically, what it comes down to is that Hamels put his foot in his mouth, he realizes that what he said came out horribly, and he is in a bind.  If you were his teammate, how would YOU feel if you heard what he said after a tough loss Saturday night?  Although Myers is pretty irrelevant to this Phillies team right now, he is the only one who had the gumption to say something. However, it's not a question of whether Myers was right or wrong with his comments. The timing was horrible, and Myers' words hold more weight if he held more of a prominent role with this team right now.

Either way, having two teammates possibly at odds with each other is not exactly what you want when you are the Phillies and have a chance to win a second straight World Series.