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Phils a contender for Halladay?

As usual, the Phillies brass is "tighter than tight"  regarding matters like these.  Ruben Amaro Jr. and Charlie Manuel have both gone on record stating that they would not trade Kyle Drabek.  However, it appears that Drabek may be a deal breaker.  Most recent rumblings around MLB have the Cardinals and Phillies as two of the main teams in the running for the Blue Jays ace.

As far as Pedro Martinez goes, Amaro only states that scouts from the Phillies were looking at him.  If the Phillies had their way, they would probably take Martinez if they thought he was capable of pitching consistently in the majors again.  You could acquire him for the league minimum, and you wouldn't have to give up any players.  Keep in mind that Halladay may or may not demand a contract extension if he is traded.

Ruben Amaro has some tough decisions ahead of him. Let's hope Pat Gillick still has those Toronto contacts.............