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The Eagles will need to get a veteran tight end

With the injury to rookie tight end Cornelius Ingram, the Eagles will now have to go after a veteran tight end to fill the back-up role.

Although this likely means Ingram will become a project (injuring the same knee twice is never a good thing) the Eagles have some chips to make this happen.  They are heavy at cornerback and wide receiver and could move either Ellis Hobbs, Hank Baskett, or Reggie Brown to get it done.

Some possibilities include St. Louis Rams tight end Randy McMichael, who has lost much of the luster from his glory days in Miami. 

Daniel Graham is another tight end who could become available now that the Broncos are utilizing Sheffler more and more.  They also used a second round pick on tight end Richard Quinn who has a game similar to Daniel Graham, which could make him expendable.

Todd Heap is another possibility.  Now that L.J. Smith is starting in Baltimore, Heap could become available if there's a fit.  And, it helps that the Eagles have a good relationship with former coach John Harbaugh.