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Philadelphia Eagles to trade with Rams for #1 pick in 2010 NFL Draft?

Despite a rumor flying around this morning, that was brought up on ESPN 97.5, there is no truth to the rumor which had the Eagles possibly talking to the Rams about trading up for the #1 pick in the NFL Draft.

Les Bown told Fox 29 that it's unlikely the Eagles will even trade up from the 24th spot.

Let's just entertain the logistics for a minute.  If the Eagles attempted to trade up from 24th to 1st overall, they would have to surrender pretty much their entire draft based upon the NFL Draft Trade Value Chart.

The #1 overall pick is worth 3,000 points.  The 24th pick is worth 740 points.  The Eagles would have to give up the farm to trade up to make up those other 2260 points.

In other words, it's not happening.

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