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Sheldon Brown wanted out of Philly for 2 years, and no new trade news on Donovan McNabb

The EyeOne of our sources tells us that Sheldon Brown wanted out of Philadelphia for two years. 

The trade shouldn't come as a shock despite what many are saying including one of our staffers on Philly2Philly.com who wrote about the Sheldon Brown trade yesterday.

Once Sheldon Brown requested the new contract from the Eagles, he was good as gone, as is Joe Banner's M.O. also according to our source.

The youth movement is underway as Andy Reid and Howie Roseman are getting rid of veterans in favor of youth, cap space, and draft picks.

All is quiet on the Donovan McNabb trade talk front

And, there is nothing new to report on the Donovan McNabb trade talks.  For the latest news, check out The Eye on Philly2Philly.com.