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2008 Phillies


Charlie Manuel Phillies Throwback Thursday Jersey of the Week

No, this isn’t a throwback, but P2P has had a knack for posting appropriate throwback jerseys at the right time lately. 

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How Brad Lidge helped close 'A Snowball's Chance'


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Philly's Phinest talks to Daniel Morroni III - Suit Designer for Charlie Manuel, Angelo Cataldi, and Bernie Parent

“When you find a career where you can use your social skills, you will be very successful,” Daniel Morroni II said in the 1970's.

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Lessons About Today's Economy and Unemployment from George Costanza and Rocky Balboa

George Costanza and Rocky Balboa became indelible characters for different reasons. So, how do they fit into an article about the economy and unemployment? Logic, common sense, and humor are elements that will help to reveal the answer to that question.

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