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aaron sorkin


'Twilight' Wedding Dress, Possible Steve Jobs movie, and Justin Bieber to challenge Baby Mama Accuser

Twilight Wedding Dress: You Could Look Like Bella at Your Wedding

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Does Brad Pitt hit a home run with 'Moneyball'?

Moneyball shouldn’t be a very interesting movie.

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My impression of 'The Social Network' as 2011 Academy Awards Approaches

I was blown away by The Social Network, a mixture of both the feeding of my curiosity

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Lakewood NJ Cop Killer Is Caught, Sean McDermott Fired, Eagles to Interview Jim Mora Jr., and Social Network Wins Four Golden Globe Awards

The Omelette Monday January 17, 2011 Lakewood New Jersey Cop Killer Arrested Sunday Morning

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Philly2Philly Reviews 'The Social Network' - One of the year's best

Where is the “like” button?  Who knew the movie about the evolution of Facebook would be one of the year’s best?

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