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afghanistan war


U.S. Defense spending should be addressed by President Obama and Congress in budget debates

For decades our government has spent money they didn't have, sometimes wisely, often foolishly.

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Osama Bin Laden Killed By U.S. Forces: President Obama To Address Nation

Nearly ten years after the September 11 attacks, the U.S. Government is confirming that Osama Bin Laden was killed tonight, following a military operation.

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Julian Assange Is Morally Wrong For Wikileaks Afghan War Documents Leak

WikiLeaks' founder, Australian Julian Assange (photo on the right) has figured out that on the Internet, being homeless is a good thing because you don't have to play  by anybody's rules.

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Wikileaks Afghanistan War Logs Leak: Irresponsible Journalism or Necessary Exposure of Truth?

President Obama's life as president of the United States just got much tougher today when Julian Assange, the mastermind behind Wikileaks saw his plan come to fruition.  Assange was able to obtain classified documents (related to the Afghanistan War) allegedly from

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President Obama Wrong To Oust General McChrystal Over Rolling Stone Interview

Now that the media firestorm is behind the Obama Administration following General Stanley McChrystal's ouster,

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President Obama Better Learn From Greece to Fix Federal Deficit

Let’s face some facts. The United States is a welfare state. It was not always this way as the two charts below point out.

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