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Ahmad Bradshaw


NFL Unfiltered Week 9: Philadelphia Eagles, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and more!

This week’s unfiltered is not about discrimination.

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NFL Unfiltered Week 7: Eagles in turmoil, Eli Manning, Tom Brady, and more!

Each week, the NFL features thrilling hits, breath-taking touchdowns and exciting finishes. But is the growth of the game due to our willingness to forget? 

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Billy Vargus: Wrong about Hunter Pence, but right about Eagles' linebackers

V for Victory with Billy Vargus

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The Morning After- Eagles Outlast the Giants

Good morning campers,Raise your hand if you thought, no hell with that, if you KNEW the Eagles were going to lose last night. Yeah, me too. Obviously something happened on the way to 2nd place in the NFC East. But let's get get to getting and count The Top 10 Ways We Were Positive The Eagles Were Going To Lose...#1. Penalties. The Eagles committed 10 penalties including...

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The Morning After: Eagles beat the Giants in a classic

Morning campers, I know you’re shocked and saddened that it appears that the Dallas December swoon is in full bloom again. It really is quite alarming considering the former NASA engineer/Mensa president they have coaching them.

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