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albert pujols


Brad Lidge, Phillies fans will be forever grateful

The moment he dropped to the ground and my dad screamed “We did it! We did it!” like a jovial child on Christmas morning will never leave me for the rest of my life.

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Cardinals' win against Rangers in World Series Game 6 rivals Mets vs Red Sox in 1986

If you are still shaking your head at the turn of events that just transpired from about 11:30pm to roughly 12:40am in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series, you are not alone.

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Albert Pujols Rocks Rangers: Another Reason for Phillies Fans to Hurt

Last night Albert Pujols rocked the Texas Rangers for 3 home runs, 5 hits, and 6 RBI last night in the Cardinals' 16-7 rout of the Rangers in Game 3.

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The Top 5 Teams that could kill the Phillies’ World Series title hopes

With a win against the Oakland A’s Sunday, the Phillies clinched their first winning record in June since 2007. The most important series of this season to date starts Tuesday, as three-game series (and possible World Series matchup) with the Boston Red Sox gets underway.

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St. Louis Cardinals Feel Philadelphia Pain Over Adam Wainwright Injury and Failed Signing of Albert Pujols

The St. Louis Cardinals' 2011 season is starting off in horrific fashion. First, the organization failed to reach an agreement with Albert Pujols on a new contract, which all but ensures he'll test the free agent market and leave St. Louis after the season.

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The Pros and Cons of the Phillies acquiring Roy Oswalt


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The pros and cons of a Howard for Pujols trade, and how they could revolutionize baseball

It's the kind of trade you might make in your fantasy baseball league. In real life however, it raises quite a few eyebrows.

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