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Aleksa Palladino


Boardwalk Empire Season Three Premiere Recap: Richard Harrow Gets Revenge

It has been nine long months since Boardwalk Empire last aired a new episode on small screens across the country. Heading into this season I had many questions about the future of this show following the departure of Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt).

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Boardwalk Empire Season Finale Recap: Nucky Gets Off and Makes a Decision About Jimmy

The second season of Boardwalk Empire is history and the season finale provided us with one huge surprise. Last week in episode 11 we

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Boardwalk Empire Episode 11 Recap: Jimmy's Past is Revealed and He Kills His Dad

Last week in episode 10 of Boardwalk Empire we witnessed the most shocking death to date in the series, the death of Jimmy Darmody's wife Angela.

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Boardwalk Empire Episode 10 Recap: Manny Horvitz Attempts to Kill Jimmy...

In last week's episode of Boardwalk Empire, a seismic shift occured across the Atlantic ocean - with McGarrigle getting assassinated.

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'Boardwalk Empire' premieres on HBO as series stars take on Atlantic City


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