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ann romney


Democratic National Convention Recap: From President Obama to President Clinton's Speech and Julian Castro

This past week, the Democrats finished their party convention in Charlotte, NC.

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Democratic National Convention: President Obama, Michelle Obama, and Bill Clinton Can't Ignore Friday's Jobs Report

This week’s DNC Convention confirmed what many of us already knew: that President Barack Obama has been here and done this, and he’s got the team to back him up.

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2012 Republican National Convention Recap: Clint Eastwood to Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Ann Romney, Chris Christie

Once upon a time, party conventions actually mattered. The party delegates chose the candidates, often with plenty of intrigue and horse-trading in the notorious “smoke-filled rooms” of yesteryear.

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2012 Republican National Convention: Chris Christie, Ann Romney, and Paul Ryan Shine

The threat of Hurricane Issac put a damper over the Republican National Convention on Monday, causing it to be canceled for the first day.

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Hilary Rosen's Comments About Mitt Romney's Wife Distract Us From President Obama's Economic Policies

Although the 24/7 media cycle has had a field day with the comments of Democratic strategist, Hilary Rosen, and used them to continue the gender and culture wars discussion, the real issue is not Hilary Rosen or her comments at all.

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