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The Weekly Roundup: Will Ferrell The Office, Donald Trump a Birther, Japan Nuclear Reactor, Wrong Way Driver Video, Myanmar Earthquake, and More

The Omelette Friday March 25, 2011 Weekly Roundup The Office Proposal Episode and Teaser for Will Ferrell Joining Cast

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The Tucson Shootings of Gabrielle Giffords, Christina Green and Others Cause Us to Search For Goodness

We hold an unspoken agreement that our lives are of infinite, equal value. Whenever someone shatters this oath, the power to restore it lies within everyone's moral grasp.

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Three Major Myths Surrounding Arizona Immigration Law

It amazes me that there are such vehement protests over the new Arizona immigration law. It is modeled after the federal law that has been in effect for about 70 years and was passed to protect our country and our citizens.

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