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arizona immigration law


Is Eric Holder The Worst Attorney General Ever?

Hypocrisy and Race in Eric Holder’s Justice Department

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Illegal Immigration Problem in United States Can Be Solved Three Ways

In today’s era of state budget cuts and the elimination of vital social programs, it is becoming even more apparent that our county’s immigration laws need to be reformed or at least enforced. Case in point—a recent study shows that illegal immigrants cost the taxpayers of Arizona a whopping 2.7 billion dollars in 2009. Obviously, something needs to be done and fast.

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Three Major Myths Surrounding Arizona Immigration Law

It amazes me that there are such vehement protests over the new Arizona immigration law. It is modeled after the federal law that has been in effect for about 70 years and was passed to protect our country and our citizens.

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Handling Gulf Oil Spill And Arizona Immigration Law Too Much For Obama To Handle?

President Obama's job as President has been difficult enough dealing with the economy, healthcare, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now two more problems that just reared their ugly heads over the past week.  Could these two additional problems on an already full plate be too much for President Barack Obama to handle? 

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