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Arlene Ackerman


Occupy Philly Protestors Evicted, Arlene Ackerman Collecting Unemployment, and Comedian Patrice O'Neal Dies at 41

The Omelette Wednesday November 30, 2011 Occupy Philly Protestors Evicted in the Middle of the Night

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Former Philadelphia Superintendent Arlene Ackerman Wasn't Just Overpaid

Moneymakers: Not Wall Street, Educators

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Are Asian Students at South Philly High Becoming a Target? Answer may not be Black and White

During a school board meeting on December 9th, School Chief Arlene Ackerman opened the meeting saying that the violence at South Philly is senseless and was quoted as saying, "In our rush to sensationalize this latest incident, let us not as adults criminalize or victimize any racial group of students with a stroke of the pen or careless words of blame and finger pointing." Ackerman made these comments in the wake of numerous racial assaults levied against Asian students at

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