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bachelor rose ceremony


Helene Eksterowicz's 'Bachelor' Recap: Safaris, Elephants, and Heartache in South Africa

Brad starts off Episode 9 of The Bachelor packing for the trip to South Africa  and expressing his doubts, trust issues, etc.Here we go again!

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Helene Eksterowicz's 'Bachelor' Recap: Brad Womack hits Madawaska Maine For Hometown Dates

Episode eight of The Bachelor starts out with Brad visiting the chosen four’s hometowns and their wacky families. And everyone’s family is a little wacky. Let’s see how Brad does meeting the parents.First stop: Chantal O. in Seattle

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Helene Eksterowicz's 'Bachelor' Episode 7 Recap: Sports Illustrated Swimsuits Bring Angst in Anguilla

The girls and Brad jet off to the beautiful island of Anguilla for some sun, fun, and romance on this Valentine’s Day viewing of the 7th episode of Bachelor 15. Brad and Emily's Date

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Helene Eksterowicz's 'Bachelor' Episode 6 Recap: Brad Womack takes on Costa Rica

For the 6th episode of The Bachelor 15, Brad whisks the remaining seven girls off to Costa Rica for some romance and adventure. The girls jet off to The Springs Costa Rica  resort where Brad escorts them to their own villa, (which looks pretty sweet). While in this tropical paradise, Brad takes two girls on individual dates and the other five on the remaining group date. Brad’s date with Chantal

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Helene Eksterowicz's 'Bachelor' Episode 5 Recap: Tears in Vegas

During the fifth episode of the ‘The Bachelor 15,’ Brad takes the 11 girls left to Sin City where he goes on one individual date, one group date and one 2 on 1 date (where one girl has be eliminated that night-talk about pressure!). The girls arrive and Brad greets them at Aria, one of Vegas’ newest casinos and hotels.  He whisks them off to their sky suite (which is really awesome!).

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Helene Eksterowicz's 'Bachelor' Episode 4 Recap: Black Eyes, More Bikini’s, and Loveline

Every Tuesday, Philly2Philly will offer a recap on the latest episode of "The Bachelor." And who better than to give her insights than our very own Helene Eksterowicz!

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