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betty white


A Facebook Status Update Involving Betty White and a 1998 Honda: From Philly2Philly.com's TMI

Normally TMI is about those Facebook status updates where a Facebook user shares too much information, hence "TMI." This week we feature an LOL update. Enjoy!

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Chris Christie Vs. Fed, Leslie Nielsen, Betty White, and South Philly Teen Murders Mother

The Omelette Tuesday November 30, 2010 Feds Tell Chris Christie that New Jersey Must Cough Up $271 Million Chris Christie was informed by the Fed, that Jersey must cought up $271 million by Christmas after cancelling a rail tunnel project. It's Christie's latest battle as New Jersey Governor. This is according to a debt notice obtained by the AP.

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Betty White's SNL Episode Among Greatest Saturday Night Live Shows Ever

The verdict is in and Betty White's SNL episode was a hit.  It was the highest-rated SNL show since the week before the 2008 election and an instant classic.  B

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