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Is Superman The NFL’s MVP? NFL Unfiltered Week 15


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NFL Unfiltered Week 6: Is Fantasy Football saving the NFL?

If it weren’t for bragging rights among your friends and the chance to become rich in an instant, the National Football League couldn’t keep the nation’s attention.

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Desperately Seeking Aaron Rodgers: NFL Unfiltered Week 4

The National Football League’s incessant quest to find the next Aaron Rodgers has created a g

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NFL Unfiltered Week 6: Are all NFL head coaches the same?

Rampant speculation on the future of an NFL head coach is as fundamental to pro football as tackling, touchdowns and trash-talk.  

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Is the NFC East now up for grabs? NFL Unfiltered Week 5

Suddenly, the

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NFL Unfiltered Week 4: Jets and Saints floundering, did Cam Newton cost the Panthers Sunday's game?

Perhaps it is the physical nature of the National Football League. Or maybe it is due to the sheer arrogance of the men in charge.  But whatever the reason, head coaches always behave as if their team is superior to the opponent even when they aren’t.  

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NFL Preseason/Training Camp Power Rankings

It’s early August, which means these NFL Power Rankings should be taken with not only a grain of salt but the whole freakin’ salt shaker, too. In fact, throw in some pepper, too for trying to rank the NFL teams this early is an exercise in flying blind.

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NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Packers keep top spot, but 49ers are gaining

Wow was I wrong about the Chargers righting the ship this past week. Of course who knew Philip Rivers would go all Romo on us and fumble away a game.

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NFL Power Rankings Week 6: Detriot Lions on the rise but Packers still hold #1 spot

Wow, Donnie Mac and the Vikes DON'T blow a big lead but some things do stay the same, as the Eagles find even more creative ways to lose.

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