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Blanka Zizka


Shakespeare's Macbeth at the Wilma Theater Spells Double Double Toil and Trouble

Director Blanka Zizka creates a dazzling visual and aural production of Macbeth but seems to miss the mark of natural passion and enthusiasm often associated with this popular piece.

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Language Rooms at The Wilma Theater


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Philly People Behind the Curtain: Wilma Theater’s Blanka Zizka

In 1979, Czechoslovakian natives Blanka and Jiri Zizka, joined the Wilma Theater as artists-in-residence, and gained acclaim for their bold, innovative productions. With a dynamic, physical production style and original music accompaniment, the Zizka's original adaptation of George Orwell's Animal Farm focused a new spotlight of attention on the Wilma. 

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Wilma Theater’s “Coming Home” tugs on the heart

Director Blanka Zizka returns to favorite playwright Athol Fugard in this emotion packed play about life, hope, despair and reality.

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