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boardwalk empire episode 9


Boardwalk Empire Episode 9 Recap: Nucky Heads to Ireland and Chalky Organizes a Strike

Episode 8 of Boardwalk Empire set the wheels in motion for what appears to be an explosive final 4 episodes this season. Nucky announced his resignation and told Jimmy and co.

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Boardwalk Empire Episode 10 Recap: Paz De La Huerta Steals The Show

In Episode 9 of Boardwalk Empire, Agent Nelson Van Alden's insane lust for Margaret starting to come to a head. This week on Episode 10 "The Emerald City" things reached the boiling point.

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Boardwalk Empire Episode 9 Recap: Van Alden Halts The Invevitable

Last week in Episode 8 of Boardwalk Empire, it was a turning point for Nucky when his brother Eli was shot following a casino robbery. He may have been out to Chicago for "political business" but the underlying reason is that he wanted Jimmy back.

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