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boardwalk empire review


Boardwalk Empire Episode 6 Recap: Jimmy Becomes A Man Like Michael Corleone

In Episode 6 of Boardwalk Empire, entitled "Family Limitation" we bore witness to the best episode yet. When you compare last night's episode to Episode 5, it really is like comparing apples to oranges. Not that episode 5 was bad, but this one was just so great.

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Boardwalk Empire Episode 5 Recap: Margaret Sticks It To Nucky

First off, after receiving some feedback we are now calling this what it is; a recap. When we covered Boardwalk Empire, we originally "reviewed it", but now it has morphed into a weekly recap. Thanks to those who emailed us and made us see the light.

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Boardwalk Empire Belated Review Episode 4: Margaret Steals The Show

You can thank the Phillies and Eagles for the late Boardwalk Empire Review this week. Myself, like many people in the Philadelphia region were glued to our TV sets on Sunday night and flipping back and forth between both games. Sorry, but priorities are priorities!

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Philly2Philly.com Boardwalk Empire Review: Episode 3

Boardwalk Empire continues to get deeper, badder (good bad, not bad bad), and more intense with each episode. Last week on Episode 2, things heated up between Rothstein and Nucky which sets the stage for an eventual confrontation between the two.

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Philly2Philly.com Boardwalk Empire Review: Episode 2

Last week Boardwalk Empire premiered on HBO after months of hype and more than delivered. The episode, directed by Martin Scorsese was intense, provocative, clever, and bold. Scorsese wasted little time in taking us inside the world of the corrupt Atlantic City political scene in the 1920's.

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Boardwalk Empire Review: The Sopranos Meets Deadwood

HBO's highly anticipated series "Boardwalk Empire" debuted last night at 9:00 and did not disappoint. The pilot episode, directed by Martin Scorcese was gripping, intense, and at times wickedly funny.

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