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bush tax cuts


Joe Biden Tops Paul Ryan In Their Debate in Danville, Kentucky

Last night Vice President Joe Biden and Republican Vice President-hopeful Paul Ryan squared off in a debate in Danville, Kentucky.

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Will President Obama Take Action Now That Bush Tax Cuts Are Set To Expire?

In the middle of the holiday season, our thoughts have quickly turned from a digested Thanksgiving turkey, to the anticipated Christmas goose. After shopping on Black Friday and again on Cyber Monday, we are thinking about being with family and friends towards the end of this month. Along the way, we will also be reflecting on the year that was and considering the new one that is yet to be. Insomnia

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Obama Administration Will Raise Income Taxes on Middle Class thanks to 47% who paid none

Remember the multi-part “word problems” we used to get in math class? Let’s try one. Q: If you need $100 per day to operate a bus that carries 100 passengers, how much do you have to charge each passenger to run the bus? A: $1 each Q: If you let 47 passengers on the bus for free, how much do you have to charge the other 53 passengers? A: $1.89 each Q: But if you charge 43 of the 53 fare-paying passengers just $.70 each, how much do you have to charge the remaining 10 passengers to cover your costs? A: $7.00 each

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