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Celebrate Easter for Less!

Happy Easter, everybody!  Despite January-esque weather and frequent snow squalls – Easter is finally upon us, and I’m thrilled.  I love this holiday – it’s a fabulous day for so many reasons.

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Valentine's Day: Stupid Hallmark Holiday? Or special day for someone special?

Note: Not ALL of this is to be taken seriously, so have some laughs on us.

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Easter Sunday 2012: Tips for a Fabulously Frugal Holiday from Kristen Hagopian

After the relatively mild winter just gone by, it seems almost too good to be true to have a fabulous Easter Sunday right upon us. Yet here it is, in all of its pastel clothed, candy-covered glory.

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How you can enjoy a Fabulously Frugal Valentine’s Day!

Like a gift from romance gods, another magnificent Valentine’s Day is upon us. A day dedicated to chocolate, romance, flowery cards, jewelry, and anything that can get stuffed into a heart-shaped box.

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Halloween 2011: Halloween Costumes, Parties, and Candy on a Budget

What a gorgeous October!

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