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casey anthony


Jerry Sandusky on suicide watch: He's probably better off dead

One day after being convicted of 45 counts of sexual abuse, former Penn State defensive football coach

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Casey Anthony's Not Guilty Verdict: Drum It Up To The CSI Effect

Casey Anthony has been found not guilty

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Weekly Roundup: Parents Sue Morey's Piers, NFL Lockout, Casey Anthony, Josh Hamilton, and Rangers Fan Dies at Game

The Omelette Friday July 8, 2011 Parents of 11-year-old girl who died on Ferris Wheel Sue Morey's Piers Twanda and Byron Jones - the parents of 11-year-old Abiah Jones are going forward with a lawsuit and will sue Morey's Piers. Abiah Jones was killed on June 3rd when she fell off a gondala on the Ferris Wheel and plunged to her death.

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Casey Anthony Verdict Sparks Outrage, Another Camden Fire, and NFL Lockout End in Sight

The Omelette Wednesday July 6, 2011 Casey Anthony Not-Guilty Verdict Brings About Outrage Hundreds of people gathered outside of the courthouse in Orlando in anticipation for Casey Anthony's murder conviction, only to be disappointed and angered afterwards. The atmosphere truly resembled an Eagles game.

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Police Shoot Douglass Township Murderer, Phillies Blank Marlins, and Casey Anthony Verdict Could Take Days

The Omelette Tuesday July 5, 2011 Police Locate and Shoot Mark Richard Geisenheyner...Alleged Murderer Mark Richard Geisenheyner, the alleged gunman behind the deaths of 43-year-old Joseph Shay and 2-year-old Gregory Bosco was shot and killed yesterday by police.

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