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Eagles Recover To Beat Jags – The Morning After: Week 1

That title alone is worth sitting up and taking notice isn’t it? I mean who in their right mind saw this coming? Oh sure, the final score tells a different story.

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NFL Unfiltered Week 1: Is the NFL profiling quarterbacks instead of protecting them?

When it comes to quarterbacks, the

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'ER' reunion in the works? Jessica Simpson, 'Under the Dome's' fate revealed

Possible ‘ER’ reunion?  

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NCIS star to leave show, Daft Punk condoms, Halle Berry to marry

NCIS star to leave show  

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CBS greenlights 'Bad Teacher,’ Dancing With the Stars changes? Jason Sudeikis leaving SNL?

CBS greenlights 'Bad Teacher’  

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Jon Stewart takes 'Daily Show' hiatus, FOX renews several shows, 'Dexter' plans final season

Jon Stewart takes 'Daily Show' hiatus

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'How I Met Your Mother' to end, Kesha's reality show, Kardashians get another show

'How I Met Your Mother' to end 

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Michael Strahan to replace Regis Philbin, 'Fifty Shades of Grey' announcement, 'Survivor' enters 25th season on CBS

Michael Strahan to replace Regis Philbin and join Kelly Ripa

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