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chad johnson


NFL Unfiltered Week 1- Robert Griffin III, Michael Vick, and more

The National Football League, America‚Äôs true sports pastime, is back. And for the next four months, pundits will react and overreact to nearly every game.  

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Vince Young's Post-game Meltdown Sets New Standard For Childish Behavior in Professional Sports

Congratulations Vince Young, you have set a new standard for childish behavior in not just the NFL, but all of professional sports after taking your ball and going home yesterday.

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Philly2Philly.com NFL Power Rankings Week 1

About a month ago I posted my first NFL Power Rankings for the 2010 season. It was of course a preseason version and I obviously had little to go by in creating my list. As per the norm, I only included the Top 10 as I will every week. In case you're wondering, I've explained this before but will again for the benefit of those new to my ways and means. I only list the Top 10 because no one gives a damn about Team 11 or Team 19 or Team 32.

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Eagles-Bengals Recap, Phillies Fan's One-Handed Catch, and Escaped Convict Caught

The Omelette Saturday August 21, 2010 Edition Eagles Fall to Bengals 22-9

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