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chad ocho cinco


Vince Young's Post-game Meltdown Sets New Standard For Childish Behavior in Professional Sports

Congratulations Vince Young, you have set a new standard for childish behavior in not just the NFL, but all of professional sports after taking your ball and going home yesterday.

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Philly2Philly.com NFL Power Rankings Week 1

About a month ago I posted my first NFL Power Rankings for the 2010 season. It was of course a preseason version and I obviously had little to go by in creating my list. As per the norm, I only included the Top 10 as I will every week. In case you're wondering, I've explained this before but will again for the benefit of those new to my ways and means. I only list the Top 10 because no one gives a damn about Team 11 or Team 19 or Team 32.

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