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Channing Tatum


REVIEW: 'Magic Mike' Serves Up XXL Size Entertainment

Magic Mike XXL

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'21 Jump Street' jumps from TV drama to hilarious comedy

When I first heard a remake for ‘21 Jump Street’

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The Vow: Book Vs. Movie

What would you do if the person you consider your soul mate suddenly forgot who you were? What if they never remembered you again?

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Valentine's Day 2012: Top Five Horror Films to Watch

Let’s put it this way, roses aren’t the only thing that run red on

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An Unfunny Vince Vaughn and Kevin James Make 'The Dilemma' a Dilemma

Vince Vaughn re-evaluates the “friend code” after he catches his best friend’s wife cheating on him in The Dilemma.

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Philly2Philly Movie Review: Dear John

Dear John is no Notebook. It's no Walk to Remember  either, and that's saying something.

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