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Charles Ramsey


Philadelphia Eagles Mike Patterson Has AVM and Mayor Nutter and Charles Ramsey Have Plan for "Flash Mobs"

The Omelette Thursday August 4, 2011 Eagles Mike Patterson Has Brain Condition Called AVM

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Philadelphia Shootings and Anarchy, Michele Bachmann's John Wayne Gacy Gaffe, and Johnny Knoxville's Tribute to Ryan Dunn

The Omelette Tuesday June 28, 2011 Philadelphia Shootings and Angry Mob Attack Philadelphia has officially become the most dangerous city in America - at least right now. Over the weekend there were 20 shootings in the city. All told, 32 people were shot during a 3-day wave of violence which even makes Detroit look like Manayunk.

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Charles Ramsey Staying in Philly, Glenn Beck Leaving Fox, Matt Lauer News, and Phillies Hang On

The Omelette Thursday April 7, 2011 Commissioner Charles Ramsey Staying In Philadelphia

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The Kensington Strangler Has Been Caught Tonight - Identified as 21-year-old Antonio Rodriguez

Shortly after the Philadelphia Police Department revealed the identity of the Kensington Strangler to be 22-year-old Antonio Rodriguez, they caught him immediately afterwards.

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Kensington Strangler Could Be Philadelphia's First Serial Killer In Long Time

The Kensington Strangler could be Philadelphia's first serial killer in quite some time.There have been six (possibly seven) attacks linked to this individual.

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Philadelphia Police Busted in Heroin Ring Deserve Life Sentences

Normally when you hear about police officers getting caught up in drug dealing it's in a movie.  American Gangster, which came out in 2008 probably covered this angle better than any film in history. 

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Rape and Murder of Sabina Rose O'Donnell in Northern Liberties Means No Neighborhood is Safe

Northern Liberties has had a revival in the past several years as many urbanities have taken to the neighborhood upon it's revitalization.  As a result property values have gone

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Philadelphia Police Department Needs Facelift After Frank Tepper and Tyrone Wiggins incidents

The Philadelphia Police Department has itself in a public relations quandry. One of the stories got swept under the rug and the media should be ashamed for not putting on the full court press. The other story is getting a lot of publicity and rightfully so. Let's turn to the first story, which is receiving very little media attention, which involves one Tyrone Wiggins.

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Message to Mayor Nutter- "Sticky" the Duct-Taped Cat illustrates Philadelphia's serious problems

If you have paid attention to the headlines the past few week, I'm sure you're well aware of  Sticky, the duct-taped cat who was discovered in a  North Philadelphia neighborhood.    There is an abominable issue here that should be front and center in Philadelphia.  I'm talking about the rampant violence and hideous behavior that's evident among the citizens of this urban city, particularly the youth.

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