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chris brown


Rihanna & Chris Brown break up again, 'MTV’s Teen Mom' a Porn Star, Kid Rock's $20 tickets

Rihanna & Chris Brown break up again

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Rihanna and Chris Brown Back Together? Adele's Father Betrays Her, and 'Glee' Summer Tour Scrapped

Rihanna and Chris Brown Back Together?

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Major Earthquake in Myanmar Lacking Attention, Chris Brown Addresses Good Morning America Explosion, and WTF Spring Weather

The Omelette Thursday March 24, 2011 Powerful 6.8 Earthquake Rocks Myanmar and Receives Little Attention

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Veterinarian Murdered Pregnant Mistress from Macungie, Chris Brown's Good Morning America Explosion, and Gaddafi Libya Update

The Omelette Wednesday March 23, 2011 Veterinarian Allegedly Murdered Pregnant Mistress

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Chris Brown Flips On Good Morning America, Japan Earthquake Benefit Album, Hobbit Movies, and Sammy Hagar Alien Abduction Claim

Chris Brown’s Violent Freak-out After Good Morning America Interview

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Will 'Machete' decapitate 'The American'? The race is on

America Is feeling quite patriotic but horror exploitation fan boys are hot on the trail. Well, it’s Labor Day weekend, which means most of the U.S. needs to forced at gunpoint to attend the movies as opposed to the beach (where are the open-roof theatres?! Screen and tan, it’s a novel concept I tell ya!).

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'Takers' starring rapper T.I. is some end of the summer fun

Though one might be quick to dismiss it as an end-of-summer cash grab, Takers is an incredibly enjoyable action flick. The film’s energetic pacing is its biggest strength. And while there are weaknesses, the audience simply doesn’t have time to think them through.

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