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chris coons


Post Mid-Term Election Recap: Tea Party Reflects Americans' Changing Attitudes

With “the economy, the economy, the economy,” being chanted by people across the country, many were engaged in the political system during this voting season.  An increasingly sophisticated electorate has now spoken in the 2010 mid-term elections.  Many long-term office holders were re-elected, while Republicans took the most Dem

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Republicans Clean House in Mid-Term Elections, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, Toomey Defeats Sestak, and Corbett Knocks off Onorato

The Omelette Wednesday November 3, 2010 Republicans Clean House and John Boehner to Become Speaker of the House

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The Omelette Weekly Roundup: Phillies NLCS, Michael Vick, Chile Miners, Brett Favre, Jenn Sterger, Christine O'Donnell, and more

The Omelette Friday October 15, 2010 Weekly Roundup All 33 Chilean Miners Rescued Within 24 Hours Not only were all 33 of the Chilean miners rescued within 24 hours since the recovery effort began, but they all appear to be in good health. This rescue mission will go down as one of the greatest events in history. And, now the roundup...

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Christine O'Donnell's Senate Push: The British Are Coming!

In protest of the passage of the Tea Act, colonists dumped tea in the Boston harbor. King George III and Parliament responded by closing the port where the tea was dumped, sending regiments to the harbor, and lambasting Benjamin Franklin for publishing information that was seen as oppositional to the government. Franklin responded by saying, “I shall make your king a little man for this.”

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Christine O'Donnell Is Anything But A Fiscally Responsible Tea Party Candidate

Christine O’Donnell is the pol of the moment, someone absolutely no one thought would win the Republican Senate primary in Delaware a mere 48 hours ago.

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Christine O'Donnell's Delaware Primary Victory Should Put Smug Democrats On Notice

The election of Christine O'Donnell in the Delaware Republican primary was an unprecedented  victory for the Tea Party Express and Sarah Palin who backed the candidate in opposition to the regular Republican Party.

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