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christian ponder


Are NFL experts biased against certain quarterbacks? NFL Unfiltered Wildcard Edition

When analyzing NFL quarterbacks, particularly young ones, the national media changes the narrative more than a Christopher Nolan film.  

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NFL Unfiltered Week 1: Is the NFL profiling quarterbacks instead of protecting them?

When it comes to quarterbacks, the

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NFL Unfiltered Week 17: NFC & AFC Quarterbacks set to shine in Playoffs

Seventeen grueling weeks of agonizing over the most insignificant pro football minutia is over.  For most fans, the New Year brings hope for those whose favorite teams qualified for the playoffs and closure for those whose teams are changing coaches.

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NFL Unfiltered Week 3: Green Bay Packers get hosed, MIchael Vick, and more!

The NFL landscape is forever changing.  And today, the trend is to put the game back in the hands of the quarterback. That isn't wise?

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