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christopher nolan


'Man of Steel' explores darker, more complex side of Superman

I must admit, I was expecting very little when plans were announced to reboot the Superman franchise again.

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Why will 'Man of Steel' be different from last 3 Superman movies?

Yes, there’s a new Superman movie coming out next June 14th. 

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Batman & 'Dark Knight Rises' could've risen to the occasion a little better

How do follow up a movie that has grossed over  $1 billion dollars worldwide (

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Henry Cavill is the new Superman, but is The Man of Steel's message relevant anymore?

It was announced this weekend that British actor Henry Cavill has been chosen for the role of Superman in Superman:The Man of Steel

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2011 Oscar Nominations, Conrad Murray Pleads Not Guilty, and Obama State of the Union

Lots going on in the news today and really this week for that matter between Moscow's terrorist attack, cold weather in the Northeast, and the Oscar Nominations. 2011 Oscar Nominations Announced

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Oscar Award Nominations: Christopher Nolan Gets Screwed "Royally" By The Academy

At first glance, there were no real surprises with the 2011 Oscar Nominations, which were announced this morning. Pretty much everybody expected Inception, Social Network, Black Swan, and The King's Speech to get nominated for Best Picture.

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Philly2Philly.com Winner Predictions for 2011 Golden Globes Movie Nominations

Cooney’s Predictions for The Golden Globes – Movie Nominations

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'Inception' will have you dream a little dream

Inception twists the audience’s brain like a Bavarian pretzel, but the movie is a good blend of artistic science fiction film and summer blockbuster.

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