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Condoleezza Rice


Aretha Franklin part of the Top 5 Philadelphia Cultural Events of 2010

One of the advantages to the current economic downturn is that many cultural organizations were forced to really get creative and think outside the box this year. The result: innovative events, versatile programming and interesting collaborations. Here is Philly2Philly.com's Top 5 Culture Events from 2010 (in chronological order). 

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President Obama Gives Speech On Iraq War: Now the Report Card

President Barack Obama formally ended the U.S.

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Fox News' Criticism of President Obama on The View is Absurd

President Obama made an appearance on The View this morning and immediately drew the ire of his non-supporters including

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Condoleezza Rice Not Just A Brilliant Political Mind, But An Accomplished Pianist Too

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice showed off her brilliant musical side by performing with legendary singer Aretha Franklin in Philadelp

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