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Daniel Snyder


Cornerback: The NFL’s version of The Hunger Games

NFL Unfiltered Week 12

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Kensington Serial Rapist Strangler, Michael Vick Fantasy Football History, and Donovan McNabb Contract

The Omelette Wednesday November 17, 2010 Third Women Attacked and Strangled in Kensington

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The Morning After- Michael Vick and the Eagles Dismantle the Redskins

Good morning campers, That was simply hard to believe, Harry. I kind of thought the Birds would have some sense of revenge going into the game, but Lord almighty that was a beat down the likes of which Eagles fan just are not accustomed to experiencing. Let's get to getting...

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The Morning After- Eagles (yawn) Defeat the Redskins

Good morning campers, Penning this on fumes at best so trust me, this version of the TMA will be brief… Was hoping the Eagles would give me a nice birthday present and they did not disappoint. Of course it’s not really a gift when it’s a W against the Redskins, now is it? It’s akin to receiving a re-gifted gift and to make matters worse, the re-gifted gift is in fact a gift that you gave in the first place.

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