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deepwater horizon oil spill


The Omelette New Years Eve 2010 Roundup: New Years Eve 2011, Snooki Coverage, Haiti Earthquake, BP Oil Spill, Chile Miners, Cliff Lee, Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, and More

The Omelette December 31, 2010 New Years Eve Roundup Edition New Years Eve is Here...Say Goodbye to 2010 and Hello to 2011

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President Obama's Failed BP Oil Spill Response Caused By His Political Agenda

Guess what Senator Barbara Boxer (D, California) identified as the greatest threat to our military? If you guessed the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, you'd be wrong. What about the Taliban in Pakistan? No. Al Qaeda? Nope. How about a nuclear-armed Iran, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or maybe North Korea? No, no and no again. Home-grown terrorism? Unh-unh. No, according to Senator Box, the greatest threat to our military is - carbon dioxide. Honestly, you have to watch the Youtube video to believe it, but that's what she says. With conviction.

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President Obama's Refusal to Waive Jones Act Hampers BP Oil Spill Cleanup Efforts

For a person who stresses international cooperation and deliberation in matters such as terrorism, climate, trade, and nuclear proliferation, and Israeli-Palestinian affairs, one might wonder what took President Obama so long to ask our foreign allies for assistance with the tragic BP Oil mess in the Gulf.

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President Obama Has Dropped The Ball with Handling of BP Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

If the whole story wasn't so sad, I would've laughed at the headline: "Obama calls for tougher oversight of offshore drilling." Talk about locking the barn after the horse runs away.

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Where Does BP Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico Rank Amongst Worst Disasters in History?

The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill also known as the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, is officially the worst man-made disaster in United States history.

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