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derrick rose


Sixers Fans, Admit It: You'd Take LeBron James

I’m just going to get this out in the open right now: Any Sixers fan who wouldn’t want to entertain the possibility of LeBron James coming to their team needs to seriously reevaluate why they watch the game of basketball.

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Sixers 2012 Postscript: What Happens Next?

Have you ever been annoyed by a gnat to the point of sheer exasperation?  Try as you might, your efforts to shoo it away are futile until one mighty lash permanently ends the battle for both you and the gnat.   

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The Philadelphia 76ers Are Captivating Philadelphia's Attention Once Again

It has been nine years since the Philadelphia 76ers have won a playoff series.  It was so long ago, that LeBron James was still a high schooler, Larry Brown was still coaching the Sixers (resigning after their loss to the Pistons), and the Ea

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Sixers are currently the pride of Philly sports scene

So here we are, just two weeks from the unofficial start of summer.

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The Sixers go up 3-1 on the Bulls, but are you surprised?

The Sixers  have a three games to one lead on the top-seed Chic

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Quotes of the Week: Derrick Rose Injury Against Sixers, Brian Dawkins Retirement With Philadelphia Eagles, and President Obama at White House Correspondants Dinner

The Omelette Sunday April 29, 2012 Quotes of the Week Derrick Rose Tears ACL Against Sixers

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2012 NBA Playoff Preview: Who are the contenders and pretenders?

The NBA just completed one of the strangest, most confounding seasons in its history    

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Hey Philadelphia, the Sixers are fun to watch again!

It’s been a long time coming, but you no longer have to make a choice between watching that hilarious T.J. Hooker rerun and a Sixers game.

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LeBron James will always be hated by Cavaliers fans if Miami Heat win NBA Finals

LeBron James sold out and went to Miami because he wanted to win a championship, the Heat were spending, and

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