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Three Fabulously Frugal Investments for 2013!

Every January, I detail a list of inexpensive “investments” that I personally recommend for hard working people looking for smart purchases.  By “investment”, I mean that the cash you shell out to buy it will be (without a doubt) rewarded with even greater value that its purchase price within a short amount of time.

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Chester Country Library in Exton, PA- Borrow books, DVDs, and save money!

This past week, my four-year old and I made our usual, highly-anticipated weekly trip to the Chester County Library in Exton. I absolutely love that place. It’s enormous, it’s peaceful, beautifully organized, meticulously tidy.

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Brilliantly Frugal Investments in 2012 for your Car, Clothing, and Electricity Savings

Last January, I detailed a list of inexpensive “investments” on my blog that could help put more cash in the bank by year’s end. Suggestions included: a Warehouse Club Card (often pays for itself in the first month!) and a crock pot (have you seen what it could do to the cheapest cuts of meat?).

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