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REVIEW: Does a star-studded cast help 'Into The Woods'?

The stage to screen transition of the Steven Sondheim musical Into the Woods

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Who should be the REAL Role Models for our children?

Recently, my almost Kindergartener was on a mission with her friend, sharing an electronic tablet that played

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'The Lone Ranger's' comedic, action packed moments outweigh film's lesser points

After being plagued for over two years with budget concerns, poor shooting conditions and other issues too numerous to mention, Disney was finally able to bring

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Inexpensive Summer Getaways!

As the evenings warm up and the remaining days of school wind down, it’s time to turn our attention to another glorious summer ahead!    

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Game of Thrones’ future, Finding Nemo spinoff, Heidi Klum- Superhero?

Game of Thrones’ future 

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Lindsey Vonn's injury, Star Wars movie details, Rachel Bilson's airport incident

Lindsey Vonn’s injury

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New Natalie Wood death report, Disney announces film sequels, Dan Brown's new novel

Natalie Wood's death case continues

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Star Wars Episode 7 will officially bastardize the franchise

On Tuesday, George Lucas got $4.05 billion doll

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Disney Uncovers Lost Cartoon, Kristen Stewart’s salary, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis split

Disney’s Lost Cartoon Uncovered 

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