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NFL Unfiltered Week 5: League Must Search Harder for Quarterbacks

National Football League general managers and personnel men are failing miserably.  

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Hue Jackson isn't Burfict: NFL Unfiltered Wildcard Playoff Edition

The bizarre ending to another

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Chip Kelly Era Recap Part 4: The Hammer Falls

Despite an overhaul of talent in the offseason, the 2015 Eagles had a fantastic preseason. After outscoring their opponents by large margins and playing as a cohesive team unit.

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Eagles collapse against Dolphins: The Morning After

Good morning all (and I use that term loosely), 

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Andrew Luck Benefits From Double Standard: NFL Unfiltered Week 7

By definition, double standards are unfair. They speak to our collective need to praise those we like, while criticizing those we don’t.  

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NFL Unfiltered Week 6: Is Fantasy Football saving the NFL?

If it weren’t for bragging rights among your friends and the chance to become rich in an instant, the National Football League couldn’t keep the nation’s attention.

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Why are Eagles fans surprised by Sam Bradford? NFL Unfiltered Week 3

Belief in

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NFL Unfiltered (Preseason): Fans care more about stat sheets than rap sheets

It seems every other day another NFL player appears on a police blotter.  

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Are NFL experts biased against certain quarterbacks? NFL Unfiltered Wildcard Edition

When analyzing NFL quarterbacks, particularly young ones, the national media changes the narrative more than a Christopher Nolan film.  

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