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donald trump


I went to the White House for President Trump, not the Eagles

The following piece is a guest contribution. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Philly2Philly staff.  

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National Small Business Association Turns to Washington For Action

An Ambitious Agenda  

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A Brief Reminder of the Teachings of Our Founding Fathers

More and more, life in Trump World suggests many of the leaders in the new government didn’t study their history; or perhaps had major gaps in the

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The Complicated French Presidential Election 2017

Those with money like it while denying its importance.

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Possible Trouble With Paris Climate Change Agreement

The international agreement on climate change to reduce carbon emissions was signed in December 2015 in Paris, France by more than 195 countries.

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Can America Shine in a Donald Trump Presidency?

On Tuesday night, America waited desperately and impatiently as all eyes steered at screens and monitors.

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Russia Denies Playing Favorites in U.S. Presidential Election

Since the beginning of the 2016 United States presidential election, there’s been numerous allegations of Russia

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Election 2016: American Voters Undecided

Only four weeks remain until the presidential election takes place in November, and many millennials and voters alike are unsettled, lost, and confused.

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Celebrity Apprentice Season Finale Recap: Donald Trump Choose Arsenio Hall Over Clay Aiken

Last week on Celebrity Apprentice we witnessed the greatest thing since galvanized steel - when Donald Trump fired Aubrey O'Day.

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