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Rick Sanchez Rivals Rush Limbaugh's Donovan McNabb Comments

CNN wasted little time in firing Rick Sanchez yesterday, who disgraced the network with his comments regarding Jews. Sanchez was canned for not what he said about Jon Stewart (calling him a bigot) but suggesting that Jews run CNN and all the other networks.

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Dr. Laura, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, And The Tea Party Should Learn Tolerance From President Obama

Dr. Laura Schlessinger embarrased herself in a big way last week after going on an n-word laced rant on her radio show. She has since apologized, but clearly her true colors came out during that Tuesday broadcast.

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Eagles solid in preseason opener, No Verdict for Cop Killers, Dr. Laura, and Obama Mosque

The Omelette Saturday August 14, 2010 Eagles look sharp in preseason opener Friday night

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Dr. Laura Schlessinger's N Word Rant Puts Her In Rush Limbaugh Territory

Conservative radio talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger is the latest broadcaster to screw up royally - thereby embarrassing herself on the national stage. With her use of the N-word, Schlessinger has entered Rush Limbaugh territory of media racism.

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