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dr. martin luther king jr.


Iran Won't Release American Hikers, Phillies Lose to Astros Again, and Jacqueline Kennedy Tapes

The Omelette Wednesday September 14, 2011 Iran Won't Release Jailed American Hikers Yet

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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Rallies Are No Laughing Matter

Jon Stewart's decision to hold a "Rally to Restore Sanity" in Washington DC on October 30th - just a few days before the midterm elections - exists, like many things Jon Stewart-related, in the uneasy space between comedy and sincerity. Stewart has always insisted his show is only about the former, despite evidence that his ambitions are far larger than that. If you don’t believe me, check out his takedown of CNN's "Crossfire" on that now-canceled program if you have any doubts.

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The Omelette Weekly Roundup: Phillies Swept By Astros, Hurricane Danielle, Jersey Shore, Tiger Woods, and McNabb

The Omelette Friday August 27, 2010 Edition Weekly Roundup from Philadelphia and Beyond

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