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How Social Networks Like Facebook and Twitter, and Blogs Are Shaping Politics and Our World

The increasing connectivity that social networking allows has transformed our lives. At the same time, use of these powerful tools has been redefining politics. Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs are rapidly supplanting television, radio, and newspapers as information sources of choice.

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Philly2Philly looks at Five Favorite Political Stories of 2009

1. Barack Obama’s Not The Guy We Pretended To Think He Was

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The Climate-Gate Nontroversy

“It's not science, it's the religion of the left,” typed an anonymous reader Thanksgiving afternoon on ScienceBlogs.com. “Science has never had one thing to do with it,” the commenter continued, “It is simply about destroying the very concept of God and replacing it with MASSIVE government! All hail his royal F*&%TARD COWARD, Barack Obama!”

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