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Celebrate Hanukkah - For Less!

Hanukkah starts December 8th, and already I'm receiving emails from people looking to keep their spending lower than in years past. Hanukkah may last for eight fabulous nights, but it doesn't mean you have to emerge broke on the other side of it.

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Led Zeppelin releases video for 'Kashmir' from 'Celebration Day' concert film

The DVD of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Celebration Day’

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Star Wars Episode 7 will officially bastardize the franchise

On Tuesday, George Lucas got $4.05 billion doll

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Chester Country Library in Exton, PA- Borrow books, DVDs, and save money!

This past week, my four-year old and I made our usual, highly-anticipated weekly trip to the Chester County Library in Exton. I absolutely love that place. It’s enormous, it’s peaceful, beautifully organized, meticulously tidy.

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Brilliantly Frugal Investments in 2012 for your Car, Clothing, and Electricity Savings

Last January, I detailed a list of inexpensive “investments” on my blog that could help put more cash in the bank by year’s end. Suggestions included: a Warehouse Club Card (often pays for itself in the first month!) and a crock pot (have you seen what it could do to the cheapest cuts of meat?).

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Michael Jackson's Movie 'This Is It' isn't the end for the King of Pop

Just three months after his death, Michael Jackson  continues to outdo himself.  

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