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dwight howard


NBA Free Agency Builds Excitement, Not Champions

So THIS is the National Basketball Association’s new normal.  

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Is Nick Foles a dinosaur, or does he just move like one? NFL Unfiltered: Week 11

If you define professional football by saber metrics or statistical measurements, the love affair between you and

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NBA Free Agency in full swing: What will the Sixers do?

NBA free agency began on July 1st, and even though the

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Kobe Bryant's Achillies injury could force Lakers to resign Dwight Howard

If there was any doubt as to whether

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Can Andrew Bynum handle Philadelphia? And will he stay after 2013?

Even though the Eagles were making headlines Thursday night in their preseason opener, another sports team in this city seem to be the ones that grabbed the big story.

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2012 NBA Playoff Preview: Who are the contenders and pretenders?

The NBA just completed one of the strangest, most confounding seasons in its history    

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Hey Philadelphia, the Sixers are fun to watch again!

It’s been a long time coming, but you no longer have to make a choice between watching that hilarious T.J. Hooker rerun and a Sixers game.

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Could the Sixers be relocated if team is sold? And would Philadelphia miss them?

When word came across the wire Tuesday that the Sixers were in talks “about the future of the team,”  it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize a pending sale could be very likely.

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Allentown Gas Explosion Destroys Eight Homes, Dr. Kermit Gosnell Case, and Sixers Fall to Dwight Howard and Magic

The Omelette Thursday February 10, 2011 Gas Explosion in Allentown Destroys Row of Homes

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