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Eagles Cowboys


Philly2Philly Gridiron NFL Picks Week 11: Will the Eagles Play Spoiler and Beat the Giants?

Boy was I terrible last week! I had just 3 wins to go along with 13 losses.

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Philly2Philly Gridiron NFL Picks Week 10: Eagles Will Knock Off Kevin Kolb and Cardinals

Jesse led the way last week with 9 wins.

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Philly2Philly Gridiron NFL Picks Week 9: The Eagles Will Continue Their Winning Ways Against Bears on Monday Night

Steve O, Jesse, and myself were tied for tops in wins  last week

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Philly2Philly Gridiron NFL Picks Week 8: Will the Eagles Stop DeMarco Murray and Defeat the Cowboys?

Yours truly was tops in wins  last week with 9 wins while Steve

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DeMarco Murray Will Be Huge Challenge for Eagles This Sunday

The Eagles are 11-0 coming off bye weeks under Andy Reid. There are many trends in the NFL which don't hold much weight, but this is a pretty telling trend. However, there is a good chance that this trend could come to an end if the Eagles' rushing defense doesn't put up a fight this week.

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Eagles Back-ups Lose to Cowboys, NFL Playoff Schedule Released, and Inception and Usual Suspects Actor Pete Postlethwaite Dies

The Omelette Monday January 3, 2010 Eagles Back-ups Lose to Cowboys 14-13

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The Morning After- Eagles Lose to Cowboys in 'Scrimmage'

Normally there are three certainties in life - death, taxes, and Steve O will do The Morning After for each Eagles game. However, thanks to the ole flu bug, yours truly and Joe Vallee are taking it upon ourselves to fill in for Steve in the final week of the Eagles regular season.

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The Omelette New Years Eve 2010 Roundup: New Years Eve 2011, Snooki Coverage, Haiti Earthquake, BP Oil Spill, Chile Miners, Cliff Lee, Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, and More

The Omelette December 31, 2010 New Years Eve Roundup Edition New Years Eve is Here...Say Goodbye to 2010 and Hello to 2011

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Philly2Philly.com Gridiron NFL Picks Week 17: Eagles Cowboys an Afterthought After Michael Vick Comments by President Obama and Tucker Carlson

Last week I led the way with 11 wins. This week was one crazy week involving the Philadelphia Eagles. Never have I ever witnessed this level of national media attention involving our team (in the span of a week) because of comments made by people who aren't even on the team.

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