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Eagles Sent Packing by Packers, Breaking Down Marshawn Lynch's Epic Touchdown Run, and Rex Ryan Puts Foot in His Mouth Again!

Eagles’ season ends in a whimper and disappointment, again

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A Philadelphia Eagles Fan's Message To Jeffrey Lurie, Joe Banner, and Andy Reid Following Another Failed Season

The bitter taste from this loss hasn’t left yet. And when it is gone, all I will have left is anger and frustration from yet another failed season of Eagles football. And while this season has been beyond my expectations as to what I thought would happen, the same problems with an Andy Reid coached team have crept up again. It is getting to the point that I can’t stand it anymore.

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Eagles Lose to Packers 21-16, Packers Fan's Car Vandalized By Eagles Fans, and Snow Storm Expected Tuesday

The Omelette Monday January 10, 2011 Eagles Lose to Packers 21-16 On Vick Interception

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The Omelette Weekly Roundup: Ted Williams, John Wheeler, Mass Animal Death Scare, Snowstorm Nuisance in Philadelphia Area, and Eagles Packers Wildcard Game

The Omelette Friday January 7, 2011 Weekly Roundup Snowstorm Nuisance Creates Traffic Nightmares

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Eagles Season Opener Injuries, Roy Oswalt Shuts Out Mets, and Lady Gaga at VMA's

The Omelette Monday September 13, 2010 Edition Eagles Disastrous Season Opener

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Eagles Open Season, Penn State Trounced, Phillies-Mets, and Chester County Accident Victims

The Omelette Sunday 12, 2010 Edition Penn State Gets Trounced by Alabama 24-3

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