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easter sunday


Three Words that Could Lead to a Child’s Death

Easter Sunday is without a doubt the most holy of days for Christians worldwide. I’m not a religious writer, nor is this an attempt to convince you to be a believer of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, despite my firm belief.

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Celebrate Easter for Less!

Happy Easter, everybody!  Despite January-esque weather and frequent snow squalls – Easter is finally upon us, and I’m thrilled.  I love this holiday – it’s a fabulous day for so many reasons.

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Easter Sunday 2012: Tips for a Fabulously Frugal Holiday from Kristen Hagopian

After the relatively mild winter just gone by, it seems almost too good to be true to have a fabulous Easter Sunday right upon us. Yet here it is, in all of its pastel clothed, candy-covered glory.

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Kristen Hagopian's Easter on a Budget - Five Big Ways to Save!


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Weekly Roundup: Lindsay Lohan's Good Friday Excuse, Easter Sunday Dinner Recipes, Sixers Lose, Jeff Carter Injury, Roy Oswalt Solid, and Donald Trump Seinfeld Feud

The Omelette Friday April 22, 2011 Good Friday Today Is Good Friday and You May Have Off Many lucky folks will have off work today for Good Friday. If you're one of the unlucky ones who has to work - you're in for an easy commute. If you do have off then you might be spending much of the day indoor with lousy weather today. Temps won't get above the lower 50's today and rain will enter the forecast later in the afternoon.

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The meaning of Easter Sunday from Easter's origin to jokes to music to prayer and of course ham

First off, we at Philly2Philly.com would like to wish all of you a Happy Easter!  Celebrations around the world have been underway and easter egg hunts all around the nation are happening right now.  Here are some interesting facts about Easter Sunday.

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